JetBlue Cargo Celebrates Another Great Year!!!!

2014 was an excellent year for JetBlue Cargo.  Our revenue is forecasted to end up 14% Year Over Year.  We introduced 5 new stations to our network and now have import cargo from 5 international locations (MBJ, KIN, SDQ, STI, SJO)!  A lot has happened this year, from the opening or our stations to system upgrades made to iCargo.  Most recently we’ve solidified processes around our international operation and have continued to expand our internal audits which help us to focus continuously on excellent product integrity throughout the system.

We’ve all been happy to see record growth for our airline (over 930 flights a day through the holiday period) and we’re proud to support that growth with an excellent cargo product.  We’ve lived up to the brand!  This doesn’t just happen – there’s been a tremendous amount of great work done throughout our system.  

Our increase in revenue is not just a number – it’s a signal that tells us loudly our customers, now more than ever before, trust us to move their freight.

Thank you, as always, for continuing the effort…  For keeping us SAFE, and the quality of our product EXCELLENT…


Here’s to a great


From EACH of us to EACH of you! 

Happy New Year


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