JetBlue Cargo opens at Sangster Intl. Airport, Montego Bay.

MBJ Opens 03DEC!

So far Kingston, Jamaica (KIN) has outperformed initial expectations and we’re anticipating another great opportunity and opening at Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay (MBJ) on 03DEC!

Peter Ellis will once again be at point for the Cargo Team on our second opening in the beautiful island of Jamaica.  AJAS will again be our service provider – we’ve appreciated the work done for us to this point.

Jamaica will be our last opening for 2014.  A GREAT way to end the year for JetBlue Cargo!

Maximum Per Piece Weight Change

To better align our brand with that of industry standards JetBlue Cargo will be changing our maximum weight per piece from 230 to 300 pounds on 01DEC.  The new guidelines will require a “Heavy” label to be placed on all pieces that weigh over 200 lbs. at the time of acceptance (tag shown above). 

Pieces weighing greater than 300 lbs. or with a floor bearing weight in excess of 150 lbs. per square foot will not be accepted for carriage.

Human Remains is the only exception to the maximum weight requirement. 

All other rules regarding freight acceptance still apply including no palletized shipments or Dangerous Goods besides limited quantities of dry ice.

Please note, in celebration of Thanksgiving there will be no Cargo Communication emailed next Friday.

If you have any questions,

 please contact your Regional Manager or email us at


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