AJAS displays presidential quality with pride.


AJAS provided comprehensive ground support for the Presidential Flight and the entourage of support aircraft that operated in and out of Jamaica during the historic visit of the President of the United States, Barack Obama, on the 8th-9th of April 2015. We provided ground support equipment (GSE) to thirty three (33) aircraft at NMIA including Air Force One, and four (4) aircraft at SIA.

Additionally we provided non-GSE equipment such as flood lighting units, scissor lifts and motor vehicles for security activities, as well as ground transportation from the airport to hotels for personnel and K9 support. Stairs were driven, with special permission from the Police, from Montego Bay to Kingston a few days prior to  the visit as reserve equipment, and were then utilized for the main event. 

Members of staff of all capacities from both Kingston and Montego Bay worked together as a cohesive unit to ensure the overwhelming success of the mission. Maintenance crews, ramp crews, operations teams, administration and accounting staff, as well as every single AJAS employee, encouraged and cheered from the sidelines, willing the team to succeed.

The seamless services provided, along with the vast media coverage showcased AJAS Aviation Services capability to face any challenge while maintaining the high standards of our daily operations. Proving that we can overcome any task and deliver the highest quality services for scheduled or non scheduled operations. 

President Obama was the second sitting President of the United States to visit Jamaica, the first visit being President Reagan in 1982, which was also handled by AJAS.

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