Congratulations-We Are Proud of You Kareem Morrison


“I join with you all in congratulating Mr. Morrison on his invitation to travel to Panama to meet and dine with your Chairman. Clearly we are extremely proud of what Kareem has achieved in such a short space of time under your professional and caring tutorship. It is very gratifying to see a young man develop in all facets of his employment, and we will need to continue his upward development within AJAS and Copa”.

Kareem flew to Panama on January 18, 2016 to have dinner with the CEO of COPA Airlines because he was recognized for making a difference to the Kingston experience.

Mrs. Brimm Cabello, in commending him for this achievement had this to say:

“In exactly one year, with the exception of Lisandra and myself, Kareem Morrison speaks Spanish almost faultlessly and fluently and goes the extra mile in every single facet of the job. He has learned world tracer, can build a baggage case within 15 minutes, doesn’t leave work until the job is done and does an excellent Job in ensuring the safety of our aircraft.

 He converses in a mature way, works well with customs and immigration and gives excellent customer service on the counters during check in”.

іSALUD!  Kareem.  Keep up the Good Work

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